12 Day Natural Detox

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Sign up today. Get a jumpstart on your health.

 Clearer skin
 Weight loss
 Increased Immunity
 No more cravings
 No more food Intolerance
 Improved clarity and sense of well being  Cleans away excess waste

Cleanse Body, Mind & Soul

12 Day Detox

The 12 Day Detox is here. Sign up now. Space is limited.This detox comes at just the perfect time. Reprogram your body and mind, this is your time of rejuvenation and renewal. This is not a juice fast, or a detox based on deprivation. On this 12 day journey you will…

  • EAT, yes eat. Lots of good clean food.
  • You will have daily activities, emails and support.
  • Journal
  • Practice self care
  • Have access to a private Facebook group with your other fellow 12DDTX members. (You will benefit greatly from their support.)

There will be grocery lists, recipe ideas, meal planners for you to experiment with, and more.

12 Days to restart your life, kickstart a weight loss plan, and kick your junk food cravings to the curb.

This is an amazing experience.



Please follow the link below for paypal to reserve your space now. Just click on the option for
12 Day Detox
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    • rachyrachp78 says

      The cleanse can be used for vegan, vegetarian or meat eater. You can taylor the plan to meet your own needs. 😉


        • rachyrachp78 says

          I don’t see a problem. You will be eating food on the cleanse. All clean and not processed. This would be great for a nursing baby. You will just adjust your caloric intake and keep your protein up.

  1. lineajones says

    Ugh! I know that I need to do this, I’m hesitating because I’m a picky eater. (Working on changing that.) For the last 24 days I’ve been following a pescaterian diet. I’m doing well in terms of no meat but I could do better with veggies. Will there be substitutes if I find I don’t like something? ie. my tastebuds don’t jump up and down when I eat it

    • rachyrachp78 says

      Veggies, Fruit, Nuts and Seeds. Wild Fish and more. There is a list provided of what is approved and not approved.

  2. Christine says

    This sounds fantastic! I have some questions though: (1) I often work long hours – is this something that can be accomplished despite my crazy work schedule? (2) what happens after the 12 days in terms of the benefits reaped? In other words does one simply return to their “normal” lifestyle afterwards? (3) is their a schedule during the cleanse that needs to be adhere to with respect to online meetings, etc? (4) I exercise regularly and participate in a bootcamp 3 days per week, will I be able to continue my regular exercise routine?

    • rachyrachp78 says

      Lots of people continued their normal workout routine while on the cleanse. You can absolutely do the cleanse if you work long hours. It just means that you need to prep. Many people work long on the cleanse they just prep their meals and are totally successful. The goal of the cleanse is to maintain a clean eating lifestyle. It is a way to not only reboot but help you learn more natural and efficient ways of shopping and eating.

  3. says

    HeY there-/ very interested. Can you give some basic details about the cleanse? I was going to do the Master Cleanse May 1-10 but might join you instead. Would love more info:

    • rachyrachp78 says

      Sukey. This cleanse is really great for anybody. It does not involve fasting or juice fasting. It is more of a cleanse based on clean eating and abundance. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, although there are adjustments for meat eaters too. You will have access to a private FB and contact with me daily if needed.

  4. holly says

    Will you be offering another one soon? I have a surgery scheduled right in the middle of this one and know it will not be possible to complete this one properly.

  5. Ann says

    Rachel – I am very interested in this cleanse, especially after doing a Manifestation workshop with Jen. It sounds like many of the same philosophies of self-care apply to this particular cleanse (unlike others that feel very gimmicky). My one question is how easily can be tailored around everyday activities – like an outing to a restaurant for Mother’s Day or a weekend away with the family – both of which I already have planned during the period of the cleanse. I would love to participate , but also want to be realistic about other things happening in my life. Thanks!

    • Rachel Pastiloff says

      Jen no you can totally join today. You can go to the section that says natural cleanse/detox and use the paypal link. Then add me as a friend on Facebook and I will put you in the secret group on FB right away.

  6. Weis James says

    I really want to do this cleanse but i am not available for <ay 9. Is there another coming up I could get on?

    • Rachel Pastiloff says

      No dairy on the cleanse. If you want to re introduce after the 12 days you can. We are focusing on anti inflammatory foods for the duration. Dairy is inflammatory. You can do it.

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